Why we need your support

In the world, a large part of paediatrics takes place in countries where infectious diseases such as malaria and HIV, but also anaemia (anaemia) and malnutrition, claim many thousands of victims every day.

With your support, the Amsterdam Center for Global Child Health can focus on training, research and clinical support in international paediatrics and thus contribute to reducing the unacceptably high infant mortality rate. Good health care is a right for every child! The ACGCH commits itself to this and your financial contribution helps us achieve this.

How can you support us?

Direct donations

You can donate directly via bank transfer or via iDeal

Notarised donations

You can donate via a notary deed

Bequests (will)

You can donate by taking us up in your will

Donating as a company?

Please contact the secretariat (020-5667987).

Donating via bank transfer

NL28 ABNA 0546 9443 53

To: Stichting Steun Emma Kinderziekenhuis AMC Fonds Global Child Health.
With reference to: Global Child Health Fund

Donating via iDeal


Visit the link above to make a donation via iDeal.

Please make sure to select "Donate for a specific project" and write "Amsterdam Centre for Global Child Health" as the project name. Otherwise, the donation will not reach us.

Interested in supporting us on our mission to improving child health worldwide?

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