ACGCH as knowledge centre for clinical questions

Over the past two decades, expertise in the field of Global Child Health has been built up in both the (former) VUmc and the (former) AMC. With the alliance of the two institutes the expertise has been merged resulting in at least one expert in each of the following key areas within Global Child Health: neonatology, intensive care, malnutrition, anaemia, oncology, meningitis, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and Surgery. The alliance has also brought together education and research experts in low-resource settings. This concentration of Global Child Health expertise in one centre (Amsterdam UMC) is unique for the Netherlands.

Our key services

Consultation & Advice

The ACGCH is a centre for consultation and advice for (paediatric) medical professionals inside and outside The Netherlands with regard to the diagnosis and treatment of children.

Paediatric Taskforce

Members of the ACGCH can be deployed via partners such as Doctors without Borders if international emergencies arise where Global Child Health expertise is required.

Media or Government

The ACGCH aims to offer expertise to media or government agencies seeking expertise or interpret a particular Global Child Health problem.

Our key areas of expertise