Minke Huibers

Paediatric oncologist in training at Prinses Maxima Centrum Utrecht

Paediatric oncologist with a special focus on Global Paediatric Oncology. Dr. Minke Huibers started her training in 2012 as a general paediatrician in the Emma Children’s Hospital, Amsterdam UMC where she also successfully defended her PhD thesis at the UvA, entitled:  “HIV-infection in sub-Saharan Africa; from quantity to quality of care in 2019. The first 3 years of her career as a paediatrician dr. Minke worked for Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, USA, based at the Global HOPE (Haematology Oncology Paediatric Excellence) in Lilongwe, Malawi. Currently she is working as a paediatric oncologist (i.o) and coordinator care education in the paediatric oncology outreach group of the Princess Maxima Centre, the Dutch National Hospital for Paediatric Oncology, in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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